Abilene Public Library

Design Central worked with this library in numerous ways to help the library’s three story remodel go smoothly. We inventoried their existing furniture and shelving and then helped them to layout the shelving to create interest within the library and keep collections grouped together. We selected finishes that would complement the architects color selections and the coordinate with the existing furniture that would be reused. After selecting new upholstery, we helped the library coordinate with a local upholsterer to recover almost all of their existing wood framed chairs. Design Central also help select and prepared bid documents for any new pieces of furniture was needed and then made sure that everything was installed correctly.

Nestled among the non-fiction stacks is this comfy lounge area for patrons to sit and enjoy a good book.
In the original Carnegie portion of the library is this quiet meeting space where we reused the library existing table and chairs.
The Friends of the Library have several comfy lounge pieces in their book sale room.
The local commissioner hold their meetings in the Carnegie portion of the library. This space was designed specifically for public meeting use.
The library wanted to provide local teens with a nice and fun place to hang out. The serpentine bench is easy to rearrange allowing the teens lots of flexibility with the space. The café height tables also give them a place for small groups to meet.
The pre-teen area has several armless lounge to allow for flexibility for both the children and the staff. This portion of the children’s library is also used for programs and activities.