Design Central helped SRHC staff with the waiting room layouts and the furniture and upholstery selections for the new COMCARE building on south Ohio. We also provided all of the furniture for the staff areas and hung the artwork to make sure that the facility was ready for their grand opening. Each floor has a different color scheme to help patients recognize which floor they are located on. The upholstery specified is an extremely durable, easy to clean silicone product that will help the facility maintain its look for years to come.

Steelcase Regard allowed us to create several unique waiting areas within the larger waiting room. These units also help the facility maintain its look because they are comprised of field replaceable components.
The Steelcase Aspekt multi seat units allow facilities to effectively group seating together saving both real estate and finances.
A small table and two Steelcase Move chairs provide patients with a place to work or sit and enjoy their coffee. The back of a Steelcase Regard provides this space with some privacy from the larger portion of the waiting room.
This multi colored Steelcase Regard unit creates some visual interest while the frosted glass helps to divided the waiting room into smaller feeling spaces. The Turnstone Skate tables allow patients to pull up a work space.
Steelcase Move and Regard create a small cafe style waiting area where patients can work while waiting. The frosted screen on the back of the Regard allows some seated privacy from the rest of the waiting room.
A couple of Steelcase Jenny lounge chairs provide some casual waiting seating in the corner of the lobby. The variety of seating allows patients to choose how they wish to wait