Donna L. Vanier Children’s Center

Design Central worked with the architect, Warren Ediger, the Salina Regional Foundation and the directors of CAPS, Infant Child Development and Salina Child Care to select finishes and furniture that meet their organizations needs and created a cohesive look throughout the building.


Chris’ Place was designed to a very child friendly. It features Steelcase Jenny in a playful easy to clean upholstery as well as wood-backed Crew chairs. Local artist, Debbie Wagner was commissioned to paint the mural on the wall.
This child care space is for short term care for children while parents are attending classes in the building. The brightly colored acoustical panels help keep the office space next door quiet. We selected neutral furniture to keep the room from becoming too busy.
The lobby for CAPS features a drop down soffit to define the staff workspaces. The work areas are created Steelcase Kick panels feature glass stackers.
The resource library includes a small meeting table for staff to gather for brief meeting. The library consists of multiple Steelcase bookcases and lateral files. The meeting area utilizes Move chairs with vinyl seats.
Each of the Director’s offices feature a Currency L-shaped desk with overhead storage, several additional storage pieces and a table with wood-backed Crew guest chairs.
This lobby features large colorful columns to create a grand entry way. The Jenny Lounge seating is tucked in the corner allowing for large amounts of traffic through this space.
For the childcare areas we selected neutral color furniture to help keep the space from becoming too busy once the toys were in place.
A 3 piece Jenny sofa and Alight bench allows for staff to relax while on break. Tables and Crew chairs also give staff a place to dine as well.
Design Central created the graphics in the floor to help break up this long hallway and to tie in the owners artwork.
Design Central created the signage to help children find the correct therapy room.