Independent Salt

Independent Salt, a prominent mine east of Kanopolis, constructed a new facility a few hundred yards from their existing building of 40+ years. Their contract requested everything from clean and sophisticated finishes to classy, top-of-the line office furnishings. A broad range of rich material options were selected including matching natural walnut laminate, anodized aluminum beam pulls, platinum contemporary pulls and height adjustable motorized desk legs. Various forms of storage were also incorporated such as sliding door wall-mounted overheads, lateral file units with open or cabinet storage above and tall, personal wardrobes. Selections were heavily dependent on durability and cleanability standards – due to the type of work being performed in this environment. The customer was left with a contemporary, sleek yet multi-functional space for high quality production.

Steelcase Elective Elements 6 one and a half high storage under a common top with sliding door overhead. One and a half storage is becoming very popular in our market. It allows a variety of storage options.
Private offices feature a variety of Steelcase storage options. Each desk also has an adjustable height portion. This office also has a small conferencing area the featuring Steelcase Move chairs with a custom upholstery option.
The conference rooms feature a Steelcase table with Highmark Repose chairs. Design Central also provided the dry erase boards for the building.
An adjustable height Gen 2 base with a Steelcase Elective Elements top allows the user to decided if they want to sit or stand while working. The Steelcase Elective Elements wardrobe gives the user space to hang coats and store other personal items.