KSU Polytechnic Student Outreach Center

Design Central helped the Student Outreach Center select finishes, furniture and artwork for their newly remodeled building. The staff wanted a fun feeling environment without stark white walls.  Design Central selected a light blue for their main wall color and the accented with purple, lime green and dark grey to create a colorful welcoming environment. The furniture and artwork was then selected to complement the interior creating a fun and youthful environment to welcome college students to the facility.

The waiting area features National Reno seating with contrasting fabrics. The table in the corner has a pop up electrical outlet allowing students to easily access the buildings electricity.
National Renegade desks and storage cabinets are wrapped with Steelcase Answer panels with frameless glass screens give staff and students some privacy while still maintaining an open feeling office.
The large classroom feature National Waveworks flip top tables and Jinny nesting chairs allowing individuals to quickly clear the room without a lot of man power.
The custom sized 3H reception counter was designed to welcome students to the space and provide the staff with adequate space to work and ample storage for supplies.
Two National Reno chairs with tablet arms give students a place to sit and fill out paper work or do homework while waiting.