McPherson Public Library

Design Central worked with the library staff and DMA Architects on this project to select the finish palette and assemble the furniture specifications for the addition and remodel of the library. The library had already commissioned the stain glass windows that the color palette was based off. Design Central provided the finish documents and furniture bid documents to ensure that the library was completed as the staff envisioned.


Two large comfortable sofas sit beneath the large stain glass tree window giving children a place to sit and read with their parents, while enjoying the early morning light.
The toddler room is a fun place for young children to play and read. It is located right next to the nursing mother’s room allowing new moms to keep an eye on their older children.
Located under a large cloud, the children’s circulation desk is a fun place for children to check out and return their books.
Another reading area in the children’s library is nestled in with a book reading dragon.
The children’s programming area is located in the basement of the facility. The room can be set up with two different sizes of tables and chairs to help accommodate the wide range of children that the library serves.
The children’s library computer station is features two different height tables so that even young children can learn to search for their favorite book. At the end of the book stacks are stools designed to give children a fun and comfortable place to read.
The adult circulation desk is a focal point near the center of the library allowing staff ample space to assist patrons and prepare books to be put back on the shelves.
Located near the periodicals the south reading area has proved to be popular with the patrons. Who wouldn’t love a warm sunny window seat on a chilly day?
Patrons can enjoy the stained glass windows as well as their books from this reading area located along the west end of the building.
The library has a room dedicated to local history and genealogical resources. Giving people a comfortable place to quietly research their ancestors and the local area’s history.
The library provides several study carrels for customers to utilize research materials.
Located in the stacks are several small scale lounge pieces for allowing patrons a quiet hiding place to enjoy their book.