Saint Francis Community Services

Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Cottages out at the Saint Francis West Campus were recently renovated. In an effort to assist the upper-aged children acclimate back into a smaller home life, the units were appropriately furnished based on two major needs – comfort and durability. Design Central helped select various types of products the facility needed to achieve this goal in a residential treatment facility.  Pops of color were age-appropriate and individualistic. Artwork in the facility was also selected and installed – anchored to the walls, in fact. The safety and security of the individuals living in the spaces were our number one priority. Adaptability of furnishings within a confined space followed suit.

The Girls Cottage living area features multicolored KI My Way lounge seating and coffee table. Design Central also selected the finishes and provided the artwork for this project.
The kitchen/dining area of the Girls Cottage features a multilevel dining table manufactured by Surface Tech. Seating is a combination of KI Apply chairs and a Peter Pepper Arrow bench.
The majority of the furniture for the bedrooms at the Girls Cottage was manufactured by Surface Tech. The frosted glass windows provide the girls with some visual privacy while still allowing in daylight.
The existing bed frames in the Boys Duplex were repainted and reused. New mattresses where ordered from Norix. The new dressers and desks were manufactured by Leeder Furniture.
The common are in the Boys Duplex feature Norwix Hondo lounge seating and Spec Snowball chairs.