Our History

In the late 1940’s following World War II, a small typewriter company in Salina, Kansas started selling steel office desks. They were undoubtedly one of the first Steelcase Dealerships established in rural Kansas. In 1953, Kenneth Stephenson bought this company, Central Typewriter, and continued selling Steelcase furniture. In April 1972, Design Central was created as a division of Central Typewriter due to the tremendous growth in office furniture and the need to specialize. Design Central was incorporated by Stephenson in 1983 and continued as a Steelcase dealership.

DC Pre 2008 Building

In 1982, Suzanne Hokett joined the staff at Design Central and grew into a key employee over the next ten years. In 1993, Kenneth Stephenson decided to retire and offered to sell the dealership to Suzanne. In 2009, Design Central remodeled the 1972 award-winning exterior of the building. In 2018, Suzanne sold Design Central to Kansas native, Scott Bird.

Design Central 2008

Today, Design Central sells office furniture and offers a complete line of commercial interior design services throughout Central Kansas. With over 5,000 sq ft of office furniture showroom, you can see an extensive selection of commercial office furniture at Design Central, 152 S. 5th Street, Salina, Ks. or check out our used outlet store, Budget Office Furniture Store, next door at 148 S. 5th Street.

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